Where is the Good Location in Planting Pine Tree

Do you know a good location in pine tree planting? It is a question with so many answers. The truth, with the development of forest industry and forestry landscape in China, it is gradually recognized by majority of people that there are several types of forests in this country. Each type of forest has its functions as well as different needs to be treated by different care.

For example, planting pine trees in the mountain area of North China is not good as planting them in the slopes of Southwest China because some species are unable to stand frost and some other can live without water. So it is quite important for us to know what type of forest we are going to establish before taking any activities with a clear understanding.

In the meantime, we should learn more about the ecological features of different types of forests to gain a better choice for our forest planting. For example, some type of forest needs soil conservation treatment and some other is not. Some type of forest is healthy without human intervention while some other can hardly stand against man caused destruction even though human protection measures are taken. We should not ignore the physical environmental changes brought by rivers and seas as well as the variations of weather conditions in different areas when we realize a forest planting project.

How to grow a pine tree from seed

In general, taking good care of a forest starts from choosing a proper location. For example, the best method to plant pine trees in certain areas is to clear away secondary forests first and select a proper planting site. At this time, we need make full use of landform conditions and climate conditions as well as soil conditions for planning a helpfully good location to plant a forest. Reclamation of a good site from secondary forests is very important for taking care of all kinds of pine trees in the future.

In addition, one thing we should notice is that if the soil types are different after clearing away secondary forests, it will be necessary to take some measures such as applying fertilizers and soil improvement before the planting, avoiding mixing up soils of different types to promote growth. On the other hand, it is better not to plant pine trees in an area with too much water because it will be very difficult for pine trees to stand frost in winter even though they can take root well when planted on a hillside or mountain slope.

What is the best place to plant a pine tree in your yard?

For this question, we need to answer another question: what kind of pine tree we are going to grow? And then you can find the best location for it. It is not good for all species to plant them in the same place. For example, Pinus massoniana needs more sun and water than other species whereas Pinus taiwanensis needs more water than sunshine.

The best location for planting Pinus massoniana is the south side because it needs less frost and water stress in winter. Planted on the north side, it will not grow normally even though it can stand without much sunlight. However, Pinus taiwanensis likes moisture and should be planted in an area that is not too dry.

How to properly plant a pine tree

Another important point is to pay attention to the height of foundation planting for pine trees. The foundation planting means that we should choose a proper spacing between two pine trees so that they can grow healthily and stably in later days. There are different requirements depending on different species after taking full account of site conditions when choosing spacing between existing trees or initial planting distance.

For example, Pinus massoniana can grow with a spacing of 3m by 3m if the site provides enough space. If there is not enough space for it to grow stably, we should plant some other related species such as Pinus armandii because they are both evergreen broad-leaved trees. Pinus armandii has a much smaller canopy than Pinus massoniana in later years and it can be planted separately because of its faster growth.


Planting a pine tree is a very good project but it is not an easy job. Before we start this planting work, we have to consider the different conditions of the trees and soil types in different areas.

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